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Gaining that Competitive Edge - BU's Study & Work Abroad Options

Intercultural skills are an invaluable asset for university graduates in order to successfully engage with the 21st century global economy. You will often need skills that help you understand and adapt to differing cultural backgrounds, values, attitudes and corporate working styles.

BU's Study and Work Abroad options offer a proactive and exciting way to gain these new skills, put them into practice and to learn from other political, economic, and social systems.

Through studying and working abroad you will have the opportunity to develop yourself personally, academically, and professionally. Skills that are often attributed to students returning from their experience abroad include:

  • Greater levels of independence and confidence
  • Ability to cope with new environments and situations
  • Appreciation for other cultures and viewpoints
  • Greater tolerance of ambiguity
  • Broader range of academic and professional perspectives
  • Improved foreign-language skills

BU's Study & Work Abroad options will help you develop these skills and gain the competitive edge required in today's economy.

Click on the School/Faculty-specific links below to find out about all suitable options for you.

If you would like some general information and guidance on BU's Study & Work Abroad options you can email the International Mobility Officer or call 01202 965824.

Drop In Sessions

Talk to a member of the International Mobility Team in our weekly drop in sessions at The Edge: Tuesdays 9am-12pm and Wednesdays 1pm-4pm, starting from the
1 October 2014. Check My Career Hub for confirmation and updates.


Options by School/Faculty

The Business School

Opportunities & information available to The Business School students

The School of Health & Social Care

Opportunities & information available to The School of HSC students

The Media School

Opportunities & information available to The Media School students

The Faculty of Science & Technology

Opportunities & information available to The Faculty of Science & Technology students

The School of Tourism

Opportunities & information available to The School of Tourism students

Options by Grants & Activities

Global Horizons Fund

The BU Global Horizons Fund offers you a fantastic opportunity to apply for funding to finance an international activity of your choice during your studies at BU.

ERASMUS (study abroad)

If you would like to study in the EU then there may be an opportunity for you to take part in a study exchange through the Erasmus study mobility programme. Find out more in this section.

ERASMUS (work abroad)

If you are planning to work in Europe during your course then you may be eligible for some funding.

Study China

This 3-week UK government funded programme offers opportunities for students to study in China during the winter, Easter or summer of each year.

Study India

This 4-week UK government funded programme provides opportunities for students to study in India during the summer of each year.

Generation UK

Study or work in China through an academic scholarship or an internship programme. The British Council offers you the chance to develop your global mindset and boost your employability by funding your travels. Don't miss this golden opportunity!

Thailand English Teaching Summer Programme

Help Thai children improve their English and experience the country's culture through these 9-week placements organised by the British Council and the Ministry of Education in Thailand.

Field Trips

Carry out research and take part in specific activities overseas.

Taught Languages

Learn a new language or consolidate your existing language skills.

Summer Schools

Find out about the opportunities available for you to learn about another country’s language and culture.

BU Student Development Award

Become an international mobility ambassador or take part in an international summer school and earn points towards your Student Development Award.

Conferences Overseas

Present a paper or poster at a conference and use the experience to gain up-to-date knowledge on your specialist subject and widen your professional and social network.