Bournemouth University

Microsoft Windows Live - Email

Bournemouth University student email is brought to you by Microsoft's Live@edu Facility. It enables the University to provide you (the Student) with Windows Live™ IDs and give a University email address (ie Here are some of the benefits:

  • an email address for life
  • 10GB mail space
  • a calendar for scheduling yourself.

For more information please see the Windows Live team blog.

Your email address, along with your user account, is provided to you at the beginning of your University course. Your mail address will be on the lines of

It is the user's responsibility to ensure that the mail system is used in an acceptable manner as laid down in the University Rules for students and the JANET Acceptable Use Policy.


The first time you access your email using Office365 you will need to provide some information. Follow the instructions on screen. You only need to do this once. The web address is or you can go to Log-in Services on the Student Portal and click 'BU web mail' in the menu. Your Office365 password is linked with your login here at the University. When you log in at the University you will have to change your login password - and this will change your Office365 password at the same time.


Email is an open service and, as such, attracts a lot of attention from spammers, hoaxers and malicious attacks. Please be very careful when opening email, especially those containing an attachment. Email containing an attachment should have some explanation as to its nature, if it doesn't it is best to delete the email without opening it. Likewise any email you send should comply with this.

There is a limit of 20Mb attachment per email on outgoing and incoming email.

Mailbox over limit

You will get a warning message if and when your Inbox reaches 9.67GB full. You will not be able to send any more emails. Please check the following to free up some space:

  • mail in your 'Deleted Items' folder has been removed
  • for mail in your Sent Items could be deleted
  • you may have an email(s) with a large attachment(s). Save the attachment to your H drive or on a media stick. Then delete the attachment from the email - use a right mouse click and select Delete or Remove Attachment.


Use this link if you want to log or track a job or contact the IT Service Desk (24/7) on 01202 965515.